Fusion Physio Ahuriri is a newly refurbished clinic which opened in September 2017.  We extended the clinic in 2021 and now have six physio treatment rooms, a large open plan gym, fully equipped Pilates studio for rehabilitation, and a separate space for Pilates classes.  What better place to be than overlooking the beautiful waterfront of West Quay.

All our physios are musculoskeletal physiotherapists. Our directors and senior staff are all post-graduate qualified. We are skilled in assessment, manual and manipulative therapy, exercise prescription and two of our physios are also trained in Western Acupuncture and dry needling.  We also offer within the clinic BPPV assessment and treatment, running assessments and myofascial release. Most of our physios are training in clinical Pilates which is an excellent rehabilitation tool.  This can be incorporated in your treatment following an injury or surgery 1:1 with one of our physios either through ACC or privately.  We have a wealth of experience in physio with our clinicians ranging from 20years+ experience to newly graduated physios. Our new grads are highly supported by experienced staff and we have a strong emphasis on continued professional development and life long learning.

In addition to our physios we have two Polestar Pilates trained instructors who are available for classes and 1:1 sessions.  Polestar Pilates is the gold standard Pilates training and involves a lengthy training process and examination so you can be sure you are in the best hands.  We run group classes but want your experience to still be individual to you; so ask that you attend a Pilates screen before class so we can assess your goals, movement, and advise on the best pathway.  Our recommendation is to have some 1:1 sessions before joining a class to fully understand the principles and how they apply to you as an individual to maximise your experience in a group class.  We have a fully equipped Pilates studio including multiple reformers, trapeze table, ladder barrel and Pilates chairs, small props such as foam rollers, chi balls, magic circles and therabands. This is in addition to equipment commonly used for physio such as an exercise bike, swiss balls and free weights.  Some of our physios and instructors are Polestar Pilates mentors; assisting training of others.

Our philosophy is that we can cater for your needs regardless of your stage of rehab.  If you have suffered an injury or had surgery we can help you reduce pain and regain movement and function. Once your pain is reduced we can help you improve posture, alignment, strength and coordination to prevent injury recurrence and help you maintain a health lifestyle.  We work closely with other treatment providers, GPs, sports physicians and surgeons to get the best outcome for you.

More pictures of our extended practice to come soon….