Jess McIvor

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BHSc(Physiotherapy) 2001
PGDip(Western Acupuncture) 2011

Jess has been working in private practise musculoskeletal physiotherapy for 20 years and enjoys working with a broad range of people from athletes to the general population. To complement her accomplished ‘hands on’ manual therapy approach, Jess completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Western Acupuncture in 2011. She finds it incredibly useful as a natural way to treat pain and inflammation as a precursor to manual and manipulative therapies.  Also, as a recovery tool for higher performing athletes. Jess enjoys the clinical side of Pilates and helping people regain functional strength.


Mijin Jones

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Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy 2004
M (HPrac) MSK Physiotherapy 2015
Polestar Pilates Mat certified 2010, Rehabilitation certified 2017

Mijin has been working in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and private practise for over 15 years. She completed her Post Grad Diploma including manual and manipulative therapy and went on to complete her Masters taking a special interest in sports and exercise prescription. Mijin has worked with a variety of sports people from individual athletes to representative level teams. Her Pilates training complements her passion for improving alignment and efficiency of movement for better posture, rehabilitation after an injury, or enhancing sports performance.


Olivia Keogh

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (2011)
PG Certificate Western Acupuncture (2016)

Olivia has been working in private practice musculoskeletal physiotherapy for the past 7 years working in both the UK and New Zealand. She completed her bachelor of physiotherapy and went on to complete her post graduate certificate in western acupuncture in 2016. Olivia enjoys combining both a manual therapy and exercise-based approach to rehabilitation. Olivia has enjoyed working with a range of different populations to promote injury prevention and aid return to work, general exercise as well as higher level sport and exercise.  Olivia is also able to assess and treat Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).


David Campbell

DaveDip Physiotherapy (1991)
CHEK Level 1

David graduated from the Otago School of Physiotherapy in 1991 and has worked extensively in New Zealand, the USA and Australia.  Over this time he has practiced in a wide variety of environments though primarily in sporting and musculo-skeletal settings.  It was in these settings where an understanding of functional movement patterns was developed along with a keen interest in all things related to running biomechanics.  In 2012 he published an e-book on injury free efficient running.



Frederic Haidekker

BPhty (Otago)

Freddy is passionate about sport and working with the general population and athletes to return to activity. He has worked in the hospital and musculoskeletal setting since his graduation from Otago
University in 2017, giving him experience assessing and treating a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Using manual therapy and exercise prescription, Freddy likes to work on injury prevention and performance enhancement during rehabilitation, to ensure a successful and lasting outcome.


Louise Williams

Lou website

BHSc (Physiotherapy) 2004
Polestar Pilates Certified Comprehensive Instructor (2020)
PG Certificate Western Acupuncture (2006)

Louise has been working in private practice physiotherapy since graduating at AUT in 2004. She has returned to practising after having her two young boys and now focuses on Pilates for rehabilitation. Louise has worked rehabilitating clients from injuries for many years and is passionate about the great effects that can be achieved with Pilates. After seeing such great results with her clients over the years she has gone on to complete her comprehensive polestar Pilates qualification.
Louise is available for 1:1 ACC and private Pilates, she also runs rehabilitation and reformer classes throughout the day. Louise has a special interest in bone health and also runs classes to help women
who have low bone density.

Alex Wagstaff

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BHSc (Physiotherapy) 2020

Alex has recently graduated as a physiotherapist from Auckland University of Technology in 2020. She has a keen interest in treating people with a range of musculoskeletal injuries and various backgrounds of sports and activities. Alex enjoys combining manual therapy with exercise-based rehabilitation to achieve optimum results and further injury prevention. Alex is a passionate outdoorsy person herself and has relocated to the Hawkes Bay since studying in Auckland. She enjoys getting out rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and generally exploring the wilderness the great outdoors has to offer.



Janine Hill


After more than 20 years in events and ticketing in Hawkes Bay, Janine decided it was time for a new challenge, and was excited to join the Fusion Physio team when they opened their doors in mid-September 2017.  Janine and her husband, Nigel, have two children, daughter Taylor who is heading to Victoria University in 2018 to study, and son Brayden who attends Napier Boys High School.  Janine loves spending time with family, and has a busy lifestyle with active kids; spending many hours at dance classes and at the Theatre with Taylor, and on the side of a sports field year-round watching Brayden who plays both Football and Cricket.  Thanks to her parents, Ian and Dale, Janine has had a life long passion for Musical Theatre, growing up as a part of the Napier Operatic Society family, and she loves every aspect of theatre, but feels most at home on the stage. Janine’s most memorable experience onstage was performing as a kitten in the stage musical Cats at the Napier Municipal Theatre under the direction of Gillian Davies and choreography of Briar Horrocks – even with her body feeling broken during the physically gruelling rehearsal period, and many physio treatments needed, it was an experience she will never forget.  With an active family, Fusion Physio Ahuriri is a much trusted health partner for the Hills, as it is for many families, with Mijin and Jess playing an important role in keeping the family active in their many passions.  Janine is proud to be a part of the Fusion Physio team and all they do to keep families moving, and enjoys the interaction she has with our clients the most.  She looks forward to seeing you the next time you pop in!

Pilates Instructors

Flis Pask

FlisBA English Lit
Polestar Pilates certified Mat, Reformer, Comprehensive Instructor and mentor
Flis began her journey in health and movement in the UK. Disillusioned after 10 years in investment banking, she qualified in massage and reflexology and began to practice. Flis discovered pilates in Hong Kong 2005 after the birth of her first child and qualified first in Mat, Reformer and then full comprehensive Studio series. She is a mentor for pilates students with internationally recognised Polestar Pilates. Working primarily as a pilates instructor ever since, Flis has recently expanded her knowledge into myofasical release therapy and uses this knowledge successfully to help improve movement restriction due to fascia build up or adhesion which often occurs after injury, illness or operations.

She enjoys working with physiotherapists and chiropractors sharing a common goal of improving clients’ movement patterns and consequently their quality of life. It is a most positive and rewarding place to be working.

Roberta Otis

Roberta website

BA, MA and PhD in Psychology, University of California
Polestar Pilates Studio Trained

Roberta’s research at the University of California focused on the relationship between biology and behaviour. She has held a variety of roles in the education and health care sectors in both the US and NZ.
Roberta has a life long love of dance, is a blackbelt in Shotokan Karate, and has experience teaching both karate and group fitness.

Roberta knows the benefits of Pilates in her own body and has trained as a Polestar Pilates Studio Instructor. She has a keen interest in the mind – body connection and her goal is to help clients discover greater health and happiness through improved movement.
In addition to teaching Pilates, Roberta is Director of Research and Development for, and General Manager at Shotokan Karate Hawke’s Bay. Roberta loves the client centered philosophy of the team at Fusion Physio and finds it to be a very positive and rewarding place to work.