As of Monday 18th May 2020 we will be open for face:face clinic appointments again. Telehealth appointments are still available and a preferred option if you are immunocompromised.  We ask if you are unwell or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 that you please DO NOT attend the clinic and call to arrange a telehealth consult instead.

We will be screening all clients prior to their appointment and on arrival so at this time we are afraid we can not accommodate walk in appointments. Please call 06 650 1876 to arrange an appointment time and go through the appropriate screening process.

  • All initial appointments for ‘new’ or ‘high risk covid-19’ clients (have pre-existing medical conditions or are immunocompromised) will be conducted via telehealth (phone or video).  Telehealth will be optional for follow-up sessions but may be highly recommended if appropriate.


  • The Ministry of Health guidelines state that we do not have to wear PPE, but we will use our discretion based on each treatment situation and the risks involved. We do have PPE available to us and may wear a mask, gloves and or gown and may insist that you wear a mask (particularly if you are high risk).  Please feel free to bring your own mask if you wish.


  • You need to turn up to your clinic appointment/class right on time. If you are early, please wait in your car.


  • You will be screened for covid-19 risk when you book and as you enter the clinic by the receptionist/physio or instructor.

We will ask if you have:

  1. A sore throat, fever, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell


  1. Been diagnosed with COVID-19 or in close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19


  1. Are in the COVID high risk category (have pre-existing medical conditions or are immunocompromised)

That you DO NOT COME TO THE CLINIC. Instead please contact the clinic to reschedule or organise a telehealth appointment.


  • When you enter the clinic you will be required to sanitise your hands.


  • You must come to your appointment alone unless you are under 14 years of age. If you are over 14 and you require a chaperone, you will need to have a telehealth consultation, or we can arrange a video call for your chaperone.


  • We will need to confirm your details and will record when you arrive and leave the clinic. All chaperones details will be recorded as well as arrival and departure times. These details will only be used in case of contact tracing requirements and will be held confidentially.


  • Only one person is to enter the clinic at a time. If you see someone else entering the clinic please give them a minute to complete their screen and move away from the door before you enter.


  • Once in the treatment room, distancing will be observed as much as possible with guidance from your physiotherapist to minimise the length of contact time e.g. Whilst you are talking at the beginning of your session.


  • We have allowed cleaning time between each appointment and any contact areas will be cleaned between clients. This will also mean that there will be less availability for appointment times, and we appreciate your patience and flexibility during this time.


  • Our watercooler and magazines will not be in use, so can you please come prepared with your own water bottles and entertainment for your appointment/class.


  • Our mats/reformers have been spaced according to the distancing guidelines for COVID level 2, so when you arrive, we ask that you find a Mat/reformer and stay on it for the duration of your class.


  • You MUST bring socks and a towel to your class and gloves to your reformer class (we will have disposable gloves available) and you may bring your own Mat, but don’t bring anything else that you don’t really need into the clinic.


  • Our bathrooms will not be available for use as changing facilities so please come dressed ready for your class. We would prefer that you DON’T use our toilet (but understand that sometimes this can’t be helped), so there is a client bathroom with a basin available for hand washing which will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly.


  • We will not be running any classes where you are required to share equipment but any equipment that you use during your class will need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after your class.


  • Payment will be required on the day of your appointment and can be via contactless EFTPOS or internet banking (an invoice will be emailed to you).


  • If you, or anyone you are in close contact with becomes unwell at any time for subsequent appointments you MUST NOT come to the clinic. Please phone or message so we can rebook or offer you a telehealth appointment.

You can be assured that we are adhering to all the government requirements for Level 2 to ensure your safety and ours.  We are very happy to discuss any specific questions you may have regarding our current practices before you come to the clinic.  Thank you for understanding and patience.