At Fusion Physio Ahuriri we are musculoskeletal physiotherapists, which means we have specialised in treating the joints and muscles of the whole body.  We use our in-depth knowledge to assess, diagnose and treat your injury or discomfort.  No two injuries are exactly the same and whatever stage in your recovery process we are committed to finding the best treatment for you.  We can offer manual therapy (joint mobilisation, manipulation), soft tissue work, exercise prescription, stretching, strapping, Acupuncture and Pilates.  We also have an expansive network of specialists and other health professionals who we can refer to if needed.


Following an injury, initially we can offer the right advice for if you should immobilise the area or when is the best time to get mobile.  Manual therapy and Acupuncture can be a great tool to facilitate healing, improve pain and movement.  We can advise you on the best exercises whether you have had an acute injury, surgery or a long-standing problem to get you back to your work or sporting goals.


“Use it or lose it.” All our physios are experienced in exercise prescription. We offer 1:1 physio or Pilates to set you up with an individualised exercise program in the clinic and at home.  Physiotherapy and exercise has been proven to help manage chronic conditions such as lower back pain and arthritis, which can help to delay or prevent the need for surgery in some cases.  Pilates classes are a good way to maintain and improve whole body stability, strength, flexibility and control.

Prevention and Performance:

Whether your goals are sport or work orientated, we are passionate about helping you to achieve them.  You may have experienced frustration with injuries repeating themselves over the years, or you may just feel as though your performance could be improved and there is something holding you back.  Often through sports or repetitive movements, our bodies can develop muscle imbalances leading to pain or injury. We can offer a biomechanical assessment to help you to get your body moving in the most efficient way for injury prevention or optimal performance.