To be efficient in any movement it is important to establish symmetry in muscle length and strength.  Being able to assess the ‘big 6+2’ (primary soft tissue structures that can influence your centre of gravity) is a key starting point for this.  From here corrective exercises and practical drills can be used to enhance smoother movement patterns and create overall greater efficiency.

At Fusion Physio, David Campbell, Physiotherapist and author of Run This Way (a comprehensive guide to injury free efficient running) will assess your biomechanics related to the running form and develop a customised individual plan to create a more efficient, smoother running pattern.  The key concepts highlighted during this assessment can be applied to any sporting environment where efficient movement is an advantage, as well as being essential for maintaining longevity at all levels.

Free copy (pdf format) of Run This Way eBook included in assessment.

Ask at reception or call 06 650 1876 for more information.