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Doing anything new can be daunting…

At Fusion Physio Ahuriri we endeavour to provide a great experience that is safe and addresses your individual goals albeit in a class environment. Our New to Pilates Package is an assessment (screen) plus 2 x 1:1 sessions which we ask all clients to do prior to joining classes regardless of physical fitness or Pilates experience. This ensures you are well prepared and we can guide you towards the most appropriate class for your ability, injuries, and or medical conditions you may have. Our instructors are well trained and prioritise regular ongoing education.


Our classes follow the school term and mostly your class and instructor will be consistent so we really get to know you and how your body moves well so we can consider individuals within a class setting.

Mat (45mins)

Beginner: Ground level Pilates where the principles of breath, alignment, mobility and strength are cemented on the Mat with a variety of props to assist or resist your movement.

Level 1/Level 2: Progression of movement complexity and strength as you work up the levels. With no springs to assist you, mat work can go expand from the very basics to the most challenging exercises.

Reformer (45 mins)

Beginner: Applying the Pilates principles and getting used to the benefits of the springs. Springs can either assist movement to make it easier, or resist movement to challenge control and strength. You will be guided on the best way utilise the springs to enhance your movement.

Level 1/Level 2: The Pilates Reformer use springs, ropes, boxes and other props, including jumping which can enhance mobility, strength and some cardiovascular/ impact movements.

50:50 (55 mins)

The best of both worlds! Mat and reformer classes are really quite different to each other and we love both! Our advice is do 1 class of each per week if you can manage it, but this is the next best thing where half the class is mat and the other half is reformer

Teens (45 mins)

Reformer based classes tailored to the unique needs of growing bodies. We include aspects of breathing, posture, coordination and sport-specific exercises depending on the needs of the class.

Pre-post Natal (45mins)

Supporting prenatal clients at any stage of pregnancy and post-natal Mum’s back into their activities of daily living and regular fitness routines safely. Mat and Reformer based class where babies under 6-months are welcome. Every birth is different and we highly recommend 1:1 sessions 1st then transition to pre- and post- natal class when you are ready.

Bone Health (55mins)

A circuit designed to combine our knowledge of Pilates as well as general knowledge on building strength- endurance. Just like our strength-endurance class, but specifically designed for clients with low bone density. More and more research is coming out supporting resistance training as an important tool in managing osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Osteo Safe classes (mat, reformer, rehab circuit)

With low bone density there are certain movements we avoid in exercise. Our osteo safe classes are still general Pilates classes on the mat or the equipment but you can attend knowing that everything in that class is a safe movement. If you have low bone density and would like to attend our other classes please book as many 1:1 sessions as you need to be confident that you know variations for your body that are safe alternatives in general classes.

Rehab Circuit (55mins)

A supervised circuit class utilising all of the equipment: Trapeze Table, Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel, mat. The class circuit is designed specifically for each group, depending on the needs of that class, so every circuit is different. Perfect if you want to use all the equipment, have specific movement goals, or do not want to be in a generic mat/ reformer class.

65+ (55mins)

Dedicated to fit over 65s, challenging balance, strength and co-ordination using a variety of props and equipment in a circuit setting.

Duets (40mins)

2 students : 1 instructor

An excellent bridge to Mat/Reformer classes or independent gym-based exercises from 1:1 sessions. Or for anyone that wants to keep working on a personalised program whilst moving to the class system. Duets can be 2 friends/family that want a session together, or 2 separate clients that have different programs. You do not need to be at the same level, we will structure the session to you needs.


Combining Pilates equipment, gravity and free weights. This is a circuit class designed to fatigue muscles and help to improve your whole body strength-endurance. If you want to improve you strength-endurance under good supervision this class is for you! Please book some 1:1 sessions prior to attending classes

Mobility on the mat and Oove classes:

Movement is medicine! These classes are themed for improving mobility of your spine and limbs!

Cardio Pilates

This fun, high energy, high intensity class is designed to get your heart rate up. We combine the reformer, mat and small props so reformer experience is necessary.

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