Our Team


Jess McIvor


BHSc (Physiotherapy) (2001)
PG Dip(Western Acupuncture) (2011)
Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Certified (2023)

Jess is one of our clinic directors and has a raft of experience in MSK private practice. She enjoys
working with a broad range of people from athletes to the general population. To complement her
accomplished ‘hands on’ manual therapy approach, Jess finds acupuncture an incredibly useful as a
natural way to treat pain and inflammation as a precursor to manual and manipulative therapies.
 Jess enjoys the clinical side of Pilates and helping people regain functional strength.

Mijin Jones


Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy (2004)
Master (HPrac) MSK Physiotherapy (2015)
Polestar Pilates Mat certified (2010)
Rehabilitation certified (2017)

Mijin is one of our clinic directors who started her career in a busy NHS teaching hospital in the UK working alongside specialist physios and orthopaedic surgeons, forming a solid basis for her collaborative approach to rehab. Her studies towards her Masters Degree combined manual and manipulative therapy and exercise prescription which sums up how she works. Mijin is a Pilates mentor helping train other instructors, and has a passion for improving movement in rehab, sports, or general wellbeing.

Olivia Keogh


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (2011)
PG Certificate Western Acupuncture (2016)

Olivia has worked in private practice in New Zealand and the UK. She enjoys combining both a manual therapy and exercise-based approach to rehabilitation. Olivia has enjoyed working with a range of different populations to promote injury prevention and aid return to work, general exercise as well as higher level sport and exercise. Olivia is our physio for assessing Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) also commonly known as vertigo.

Tharina Doubell


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (2011)
Credentialed MDT McKenzie therapist (2021)
BASI Mat qualified (2018)
Dry Needling (2012)

Tharina has vast experience of assessing and treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions in South Africa and NZ. She utilises her highly analytical brain to get to the root of the problem. She has a wide range of treatment options including manual therapy, dry needling, acupuncture, McKenzie assessment and treatment and mat Pilates.

TK Yeh


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (2019)
PAANZ certified Dry Needling Practitioner (2019)

TK’s interest in sport has seen him work with local Premier Rugby teams and Hawke’s Bay representative teams. Having a sporting background in Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit, TK has a keen interest in sports injuries and prevention in both the recreational and competitive athlete. Using a fusion of manual therapy, needling and exercise prescription, TK aims to address the components that contributed to your injury to ensure a successful and lasting outcome.

Brianna Egley


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (2020)
Polestar Pilates Comprehensive training (2022)

Since graduating Bree has found a love of movement therapy and is in the process of completing her Polestar Pilates comprehensive training. She really enjoys incorporating Pilates principles into her rehabilitation. She is experienced with manual therapy as well and is passionate about working with the general population to return to activity post-injury.

Freya Pike


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (2022)
Dry Needling (2024)

Since she was a teenager, Freya knew she wanted to be a physio. She loves working with a variety of people from the general population to athletes. Freya is passionate about helping people return to the activities they want to do by using a mixture of techniques including manual therapy, dry needling, and exercise prescription.

Jono Devine


BHSc Physiotherapy (2018)
Dry Needling (2019)

Jono joins us part time at Fusion after many years in high performance clinics across Auckland and Wellington. He has gained a wide array of experience working with world title boxers, cricketers, weightlifters and your everyday gym goer. With a strong emphasis on strength and movement proficiency, he compliments this with manual therapy and dry needling techniques


Flis Pask

Pilates Instructor

BA English Lit (NZ) (1992)
Traditional acupuncture (2023)
Polestar Pilates Mat certified (2009)
Polestar Pilates Reformer certified (2010)
Polestar Pilates Comprehensive certified (2013)

Flis began her journey in health and movement in the UK. Disillusioned after 10 years in investment banking, she moved into the exercise and wellness industry. Flis has a wonderful holistic approach to health with qualifications in reflexology, massage, Pilates, MFR and traditional acupuncture. Working primarily as a Pilates instructor at Fusion Physio Ahuriri, Flis enjoys changing clients’ movement patterns and consequently their quality of life.

Tracy Jensen

Pilates Instructor

Personal training (1999)
BA Sports Psychology (2002)
BSC Diploma in Human Nutrition (2013)
Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Training (2023)

Tracy has as huge range of experience in the exercise industry. Tracy first gained Pilates experience in 2000 when working for Virgin Active where she realised the difference that Pilates can make to posture, core strength, and overall fitness. Tracy has extended her Pilates knowledge and experience completing the full Polestar comprehensive training and is enjoying using her skills for clients in a rehabilitation setting, as well as for general exercise.

Alysha Preece

Pilates Instructor

Personal Training (2021) Level III and IV
Polestar Pilates Comprehensive (2023)

Alysha is a personal trainer and competitive body builder. Alysha found Pilates through her own journey to improve alignment and efficiency of movement and has found it a great tool for preventing injury as well as enhancing sport performance. Alysha completed her comprehensive certification to help others in the same journey. Alysha is with us on Tuesdays covering a wide range of classes on the mat, reformer, and a strength-endurance circuit for general strength conditioning as well as a circuit specific for low bone density clients to improve bone health.

Lisa Scott

Pilates Instructor

Lisa believes movement is the key to a long and healthy life! Lisa started her Pilates training in Perth early 2000s and then brought her knowledge back home to NZ. Lisa has a wealth of experience in teaching Pilates classes and her classes at Fusion will cover a wide range of levels from new to Pilates packages right through to her high intensity cardio Pilates class. Lisa is really looking forward to working 1:1 with clients again in a clinic environment as well as her classes. She will be completing her Pilates knowledge through the Polestar Pilates comprehensive course applying her knowledge to all of the Pilates equipment this year.

Daphne Moffitt

Pilates Instructor

Bachelor of Recreation and Sport (2011)
Polestar Pilates Mat Certified (2012)
Polestar Pilates Studio certified (2014)

Daphne started her Pilates journey in 2011 completing her comprehensive certification in Perth. She has a wide range of knowledge and skills working 1:1 with clients as well as taking classes. Today, her passion lies in empowering women, particularly mothers, through Pilates, aiming not only to facilitate post-pregnancy recovery but also to impart knowledge that strengthens and rehabilitates, enhancing their overall quality of life. Daphne is really looking forward to getting back into the clinic environment after having three beautiful girls. She will be with us on Wednesdays for 1:1 sessions and classes including our pre- and post- natal class.


Janine Hill


Janine is our administration manager and has been at the forefront of Fusion Physio Ahuriri since we opened our doors. With an active family, Fusion Physio is a much-trusted health partner for the Hills and extended family, as it is for many families. Janine is proud to be a part of the Fusion team and all they do to keep families moving and enjoys the interaction she has with our clients the most. She looks forward to seeing you the next time you pop in!

Brooke Gentry


After spending most of her working life in the Hospitality industry, Brooke thought it was time to step back from the busy nights as a Duty Manager. Having studied Business Administration in the past Brooke has been an exceptional addition to our Fusion admin team.